DarkRoomVR – Barbie’s Night Adventures – Ellie Shou

Written By Queen of Orgasm

This dark VR porn video, titled “Barbie’s Night Adventures,” follows 19-year-old Barbie enthusiast Ellie Shou as she decides to incorporate her childhood obsession into her sex life. With the intention of role-playing as Barbie and Ken with her boyfriend, things take an unexpected turn when her stepfather unexpectedly shows up in the Ken outfit. Initially confused and embarrassed, Ellie eventually warms to the idea and the two engage in steamy role-play.

Produced by Dark Room VR, this 7K VR video has a duration of 43 minutes and 37 seconds. Starring Ellie Shou, the video was released on December 29, 2023, and offers a high-quality immersive experience.


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