DarkRoomVR – The Role She Was Made For – Emily F

Written By Queen of Orgasm

Aspiring dark VR movie actress Emily F has a run of disappointing luck as she struggles to land a role in the latest casting agent’s office. Determined to make it in the industry, she offers to do anything it takes to get the part, ultimately catching the director’s attention. The video follows her journey as she realizes that she may have to resort to using her body to secure the role she has always dreamed of.

This 37:06 long 7K VR video, titled “The Role She Was Made For – Emily F,” is produced by Dark Room VR and stars Emily F in the lead role. Scheduled for release on December 1, 2023, the video captures the actress’s intense struggle to achieve her dreams, alongside the high-quality production and immersive VR experience exemplified by the studio.


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