DPDiva – Petite Blonde Maria Kazi First Ever DP

Written By Queen of Orgasm

Maria Kazi is back with a naughtier personality and ready to turn her wild fantasy into reality. This blonde hottie will not hesitate to flaunt her luscious body that’s clad in fur-trimmed lingerie paired with white stockings and furry heels just to please any man. The DP daddies, Vince Karter and Milan, don’t hold back once Maria strips off her clothes to put her tight holes on display, approaching with hard cocks on full display. They start by stroking their hard cocks against the petite babe’s shaved pussy, with Vince rubbing the head of his cock against her clit and Milan slowly inserting his and fucking her while standing. Bending over, Maria takes a passionate pounding in doggystyle then gives blowjobs to her lovers before they move onto the couch, where she gets fingered until she squirts. To prep the blonde darling for her very first double penetration, Milan licks her pussy and fingers her asshole before anally fucking her in missionary and letting Vince take a turn. They alternate between indulging in her pink holes in doggystyle before finally giving her rough DP in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and pile driver until her delicious holes gape. They pick up Maria and continue to fuck her while standing before pulling out and jerking off until they cover her beautiful face with their hot cum.

This 4K UHD video, titled “Petite Blonde Maria Kazi First Ever DP,” was produced by DPDiva and released on October 17, 2023. The video has a duration of 37:18 and features the talented actors Maria Kazi, Milan Ponjevic, and Vince Karter in the lead roles.


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