ExCoGiGirls – Giggly Meets Shy & Reserved – Selina, Stella

Written By Queen of Orgasm

In this Girl/Girl love making video, we are introduced to Selina and Stella as they navigate the nerves and excitement of a First Lesbian Blind Date. Selina, an extremely nervous and new model to the scene, brings a shy and reserved energy to the encounter, while Stella’s energy and enthusiasm help to create chemistry and attraction between the two. As the girls explore each other’s bodies, viewers are treated to an intimate and authentic exploration of love making that defies initial assumptions and showcases the natural, attention-grabbing features of both women.

This video was produced by ExCoGi Girls and was released on January 31, 2024. With a duration of 01:16:40 and quality in 4K UHD, the video stars Selina and Stella as the main actors, offering an intimate and authentic portrayal of girl on girl love making.


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