ExCoGiGirls – Lay Down For Me Pretty Girl – Amber Moore, Shrooms Q

Written By Queen of Orgasm

Welcome back everyone to today’s update of 19 year old Shooms Q and returning outstanding female in a leading role Amber Moore in what I hope is a continuation of the secret sauce that’s helped to make this first time lesbian site so delicious. Yummy, and as we get to know today’s newbie to slit licking we find out Shooms has never licked or had her pussy licked by a girl before. Can’t get fresher than that everyone and to say Shrooms is excited and nervous is the understatement of the year. But don’t let this nervous and bottled up excitement make you think this free spirited muShrooms’s passion for pussy isn’t strong and off the charts. It is and once the interview concluded and these two hotties were able to kiss and caress each other, well you just knew today’s shenanigans are what makes kitty cats’ purrrrrrr. Meow I know, and first it was Shrooms that assumed the position with legs spread wide revealing that pretty pink pussy that Amber dove right into.

This 4K UHD adult video is titled “Lay Down For Me Pretty Girl” and released on December 6, 2023. It features a runtime of 02:10:53 and stars Amber Moore and Shrooms Q. The video is produced by ExCoGi Girls.


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