ExCoGiGirls – Making My Kitty Feel Good – Melanie, Shrooms Q

Written By Queen of Orgasm

And the holiday festivities just keep rolling into November don’t they? They sure do as Trinity continues to take the red pill and leads our sexy as fuck Milf Bonnie further down into the slit-licking matrix. Hot I know, and if you want to see something else that’s hot outside the slit-licking matrix that includes these girls, multiple orgasms and some twig and berries then go check out Bonnie and Trinity’s other scenes listed below. I mean you can’t only be interested in slit on slit smut right because variety is the spice of life I hear, but that’s just me. Anyways, we find out that Bonnie’s not completely new to the pleasures of the female anatomy and as we get to know the girls on the bed we find out the older / younger dynamic is something that’s new to Bonnie. Bonnie also hasn’t been with a girl that’s this into other girls as Trinity is and confessed she’s most excited to be licked by a girl so into slit licking. Well you’re in for a treat today because Trinity is the perfect partner to fully immerse ones self into all the pleasurable sensations of female on female lovemaking.


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