LetsDoeIt – A Girl Knows – My Wife’s Sidepiece – Scarlett Sage, Avery Black, Spencer Bradley

Written By Queen of Orgasm

Spencer hears suspicious noises and catches her wife, Avery, seemingly alone in the bedroom. As they start hooking up, Spencer is unaware that Scarlett, Avery’s girlfriend, is hidden under the bed and joining in on the action. When Scarlett’s presence is discovered, Avery quickly improvises, claiming Scarlett is there for a threesome.

This 4K UHD video is part of the A Girl Knows series by LetsDoeIt, with a release date of May 3, 2023. Starring Scarlett Sage, Avery Black, and Spencer Bradley, the video has a duration of 46:37, offering high-quality content for viewers to enjoy.


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