LetsDoeIt – Her Limit – She Only Want Sex – Catherine Knight

Written By Queen of Orgasm

This video from the Her Limit series features Catherine Knight, who enjoys rough anal sex and Vince Karter, who is determined to fulfill her desires. He takes control of her behind, slaps it, and drills her as she moans in pleasure, all in stunning 4K UHD quality. Catherine’s long legs and Vince’s efforts to connect with her make for an intense and passionate encounter filled with slapping, spitting, and fulfilling her anal fixation.

This steamy video was released on July 17, 2023, by the LetsDoeIt studio and has a duration of 36 minutes and 46 seconds. It stars Catherine Knight and Vince Karter and promises high-quality visuals and intense, boundary-pushing action for those who are into rougher, fetish-based adult content.


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