LoveHerFeet – Music and Feet – Scarlett Alexis, Vince Karter

Written By Queen of Orgasm

This video features Scarlett Alexis, a performer who meets a handsome fan named Vince Karter after finishing her stage set. They chat and flirt, with Scarlett explaining her preference for being barefoot while singing. Vince expresses his fondness for feet, and the two engage in sensual foot play, ultimately drawing the attention of other patrons in the club. The video captures their steamy interactions as they indulge in their mutual foot fetish.

Produced by Love Her Feet, the video was released on February 10, 2024, and runs for a duration of 42 minutes and 56 seconds. It is available in 4K UHD quality and stars Scarlett Alexis and Vince Karter in the leading roles.


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