LoveHerFeet – Playing With A Friend – Alyssa Bounty, Simon Kitty

Written By Queen of Orgasm

Watch as Alyssa Bounty and Simon Kitty get together to chat, but things take an unexpected turn as their conversation becomes more flirtatious and sensual. Simon notices Alyssa’s freshly manicured hands and compliments them, leading to a steamy moment as Alyssa shows off her pedicure. As they admire each other’s feet, Simon’s desires take over, and she asks if she can put Alyssa’s sexy feet in her mouth.

This 4K UHD video was released on January 24, 2024, by Love Her Feet. The video has a duration of 36 minutes and 53 seconds and features the stunning performances of Alyssa Bounty and Simon Kitty, showcasing their natural beauty and undeniable chemistry.


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