Oopsie – That’s A Stretch – Summer Hart, Eva Maxim, Izzy Wilde

Written By Queen of Orgasm

That’s A Stretch features Summer Hart, Eva Maxim, and Izzy Wilde in a steamy scene where Summer’s flexibility becomes the center of attention. As Summer demonstrates various poses, Eva becomes unable to resist her attraction and grinds up behind her, leading to a tantalizing threesome. As Eva’s cock slides between Summer’s cheeks, her boobs jiggle and even fall out of her top, prompting the question: can the trio handle the intensity of a threesome?

This scintillating video was produced by Oopsie and released on September 21, 2023. It has a duration of 34:09 and is available in stunning 4K UHD quality. The stars of the film include Summer Hart, Eva Maxim, and Izzy Wilde, who deliver an unforgettable performance in this highly sensual adult content.


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