PureTaboo – Stretching For Daddy – Tommy Pistol, Kimber Woods, Erica Lauren

Written By Queen of Orgasm

In the video “Stretching For Daddy,” dominant father Tim (Tommy Pistol) and his stepdaughter Chloe (Kimber Woods) have been engaging in a secret affair right under the nose of Chloe’s clueless mother Erica Lauren. As their illicit relationship escalates, Tim wants to take things to the next level by having anal sex with his daughter, leading him to buy a butt plug to stretch her out for him.

This taboo-themed video was produced by Pure Taboo and was released on September 12, 2017. The duration of the video is 44 minutes and 5 seconds, and it is available in 4K UHD quality. The video stars Tommy Pistol, Kimber Woods, and Erica Lauren.


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