VirtualTaboo – Holiday Beauties – Ara Mix, Fibi Euro, Kama Oxi

Written By Queen of Orgasm

After a long semester at college, Kama Oxi invites her best friends, Fibi Euro and Ara Mix, to spend the holidays with her and her family. When Kama’s mom has to leave for a business meeting, her stepdad surprises the girls with gifts, and they are grateful and a little bold. Fibi and Ara realize that Kama has a crush on her stepdad, and instead of talking her out of it, they encourage her and even offer to join in for a special VR porn first step towards seduction. To show their gratitude, the girls model their outfits for him.

This 16:22 minute video titled “Holiday Beauties – Ara Mix, Fibi Euro, Kama Oxi” is a production of Virtual Taboo, released on January 4, 2024. The video is available in 7K VR quality and features the talents of Ara Mix, Fibi Euro, and Kama Oxi.


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